Senior Does

Mojave-Dunes SBM Junebug
DOB:  1/1/06

Sire:  Jowanda's Special Blend
   SS:  Longman's Rain Shadow
  SD:  Little-Bic's Fashion Plate

Dam:  The Janies Mary Lou
    DS:  Sunrise-Hill Angie's Red Baron
    DD:  Mojave-Dunes Janie Lou

This grand old doe comes from a long line of beautiful udders.  She has produced some outstanding daughters, including Mojave-Dunes SC Doodlebug LA: 1-07 VG88(VVVE).  As a 2 year old she still earned VG88 with E on mammary.  She is an elegant striking doe, complete with the "WOW" factor intact.  Shown 6 times as a yearling, she took three 1sts and three seconds, along with two 1st place udder awards. Junebug's daughter Mojave-Dunes Tressa is the dam of Jowanda's Golden Moment who went Jr. Champion several times as a kid.  As a yearling milker she placed 6th in a class of 47 at the 2014 National Show and was part of the 3rd place Dairy Herd for Cozy Creek.  Her son Mojave-Dunes Kasbar sired Jowanda's Chandra who linear appraised 2-02 VG89 VEVE.  Her yearling daughter Jowanda's Xandara freshened this year with a beautiful udder.

Junebug has one buck kid available sired by Mojave-Dunes Classic.



Mojave-Dunes SC Doodlebug
DOB:  2/27/11
LA:  1-07 V88(VVVE)

Weeping Water DG Show, Weeping Water, Nebr.
1st ring one
1st ring two with 1st Udder (Nubian Specialty)

Land of Oz DG Show, Hutchinson, Ks.
1st ring one
2nd ring two

Lancaster Super Fair - Lincoln, Nebr.
2nd ring one
2nd ring two

Iowa State Fair
1st with 1st place udder of class


Mojave-Dunes Aastha
DOB:  3/1/07

Mojave-Dunes Tressa
DOB:  2/12/12

Sire:  *B Kastdemur's Santa Ana Breeze  3-02 Ex90 EEV
   SS:  GCH *B Kastdemur's Time in a Bottle 
5-04 EX90 EEE
   SD:  GCH Kastdemur's Sea Breeze  3-02 VG89 VEEV
Dam:  Mojave-Dunes SBM Junebug
     DS:  Jowanda's Special Blend
    DD:  The Janies Mary Lou

Lovely daughter of Mojave-Dunes SBM Junebug.  She freshened as a yearling with a lovely udder, pictured here very pregnant!  She has also proven herself to be a valuable brood doe by producing Jowanda's Golden Moment, owned by Cozy Creek.  As a kid she went Jr. Champion several times.  At the 2014 ADGA National Show she placed 6th in a class of 47 yearling milkers and was part of the 3rd place Dairy Herd.  As a 2 year old she went on DHIR test and gave 10.4# on her first milk test.

Tressa has 2 beautiful buck kids available sired by Mojave-Dunes Classic.


Mojave-Dunes SBM Junebug


Kastdemur's Santa Ana Breeze
3-02 Ex90 EEV

Sires Dam

GCH Kastdemur's Sea Breeze
3-02 VG89 VEEV

3-02 EX90 EEV

Jowanda's Xandara
DOB:  2/7/14

Picture to Follow

Sire:  Mojave-Dunes Eclipse's Grady
    SS:  Amberwood Galileo's Eclipse
   SD:  Jowanda's Tambra

Dam:  Mojave-Dunes SBM Junebug
    DS:  Jowanda's Special Blend
   DD:  The Janies Mary Lou

Xandara's sire Grady has bloomed as a 3 year old. He excels in width, levelness, body depth and strong feet and legs. He bears little resemblance to his yearling picture on the reference page.  He could do well in the show ring.  His dam Jowanda's Tambra had a rear udder most breeders only dream of and comes from one of my strongest doe lines. Detailed information on her dam Junebug and her maternal sister Tressa can be seen above. 

Xandara has 2 buck kids available.

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