Jowanda's Fashion Statement
 DOB:  2/24/09

Sire:  Jowanda's Dream Time
   SS:  Stagelight SP Park Avenue 4-02 Ex92 EEE
   SD:  Jowanda's Lucanne

Dam:  Little-Bic's Fashion Plate
    DS:  ++*B Sweet-Harvest Yandedoodledandy
    DD:  Little-Bic's Pretty Woman

Fashion Statement was shown 3 times as a dry yearling in 2010 and placed at the top of her class. Her dam was one of my best show does. She was 1st place 2 yr old at L.A. County Fair in 2001. She was never out of the ribbons. She was also an excellent milker! Her dam's full sisters are SGCH Branicur Farms Black Storm *M, LA 5-03 EX91 EEEE, SG Little Bic's Iliad 5*M, top 10 in milk in 2003 with a record of 4-09 266 3390 142, SGCH Branicur Farms Destiny 5*M and SGCH Braicur Farms Shooting Star 5*M.

Bred to:  Mojave-Dunes Eclipse's Grady


Little-Bic's Fashion Plate

Jowanda's Dalana
DOB:  3/12/05

Sire:  Little Bic's Showcase
   SS:  Sweet Harvest Show Stopper
   SD:  Little Bic's Chantel (2 CH legs)
   (Littermate to Little Bic's Sheena - 2 CH legs)

Dam:  Jowanda's Chanel
    DS:  Jowanda's Rich Mixture
    DD:  Little Bic's Fashion Plate

Dalana is shown here as a second freshening 2 year old with 9 lbs. of milk in her udder.  She is the littermate to Jowanda's Shawndee and Jowanda's Patrina, who earned a dry leg as a yearling.  Patrina was shown extensively as a 2 year old and only beaten once.  She is long bodied, sharp and dairy with beautiful breed character.

Stagelight Avenue of Dreams

DOB:  3/20/07

Kid photo...

Sire:  Stagelight SP Park Avenue ( EX92 EEE)
   SS: Sweet Harvest Show Premier
   SD:  SGCH Stagelight RR Pukahani (EX91 EEEE)

Dam:  Stagelight Day Dream Extreme (EX90 VEEE)
    DS:  Kastdemur's LE Exacta (EX90 EVE)
    DD:  Stagelight Princess Day (EX90 EEEE) 

Yearling photo!

Pukahani was 8th place 4 yr old at the 2008 ADGA National Show, and  Day Dream Extreme was 5th in the 3 yr old class.  Princess Day produced 3 offspring that appraised EX90.  Dreams threw some lovely udders in our herd. 


Stagelight Day Dream Extreme

Sires Dam

SGCH Stagelight RR Pukahani

Stagelight PR Guest of Honor
DOB:  2/28/09

Sire:  Stagelight LMO Princeton 2-01 Ex90 VEE
 SS:  Lassenwood Miller Ozzie  7-02 Ex91 EEE
SD:  Stagelight Princess Day 2-03 Ex90 EEEE

Dam:  SGCH Jowanda's Garden Harvest Ex92 EEEE
DS:  +*B Sweet Harvest Rain Maker
DD:  Jowanda's Syndal Ann

Garden Harvest began her career at age 8, by placing 8th at the 2008 ADGA National Show placing behind the 2006 ADGA National GCH and the 2008 Reserve National CH.  The following year she was 7 x 1st, 4 x GCH, 4 x BOB, 2 x BDIS. 

If show records and linear appraisal scores, mean anything, this buck should be an outstanding herdsire.  His maternal granddam, Jowanda’s Syndal Ann was a top show doe.  For starters, she was 1st place senior doe & Res. Jr. CH at Del Mar fair in 1998.   She was 2nd place 3 yr old at L.A. County Fair in a class of 21 and helped her dam win the Produce of Dam class.  At the Golden Triangle two ring show she was 1st in one ring and 2nd in the other.  She placed 2nd at Costa Mesa and Ventura County Fair behind CH Wooden Bridge Red Cadilac, who was shown undefeated all year.  She was also an outstanding brood doe.  Her sire was +*B Kastdemur’s DE Exhibitionist (5-01 EX90 EEV).   Syndal Ann’s dam was our own GCH Udderly-Divine Rebecca 2*M (LA 2-05 VG89 EVVV), daughter of Kastdemur’s Double Exposure who sired several champions.

Guest of Honor has the sharpest shoulders I have ever seen!  The 4 goats linear appraised in the 1st and 2nd generation of his pedigree scored Excellent on shoulder assembly.  He is long bodied, extremely dairy and carries no excess fleshing.  Strong feet, legs and good breed character are just part of the package.  This is a slow maturing line but well worth the wait.  How many does do you know that are still showing at 9 years of age and look and act like 5 year olds?   Another plus in this line is longevity.  His first kids begin arriving 3/23/10.


Stagelight LMO Princeton
2-01 Ex90 VEE


SGCH Jowanda's Garden Harvest

Sires Dam


SG Stagelight Princess Day
2-03 Ex90 EEEE

Linear Trait on fore attachment  was 42, rear udder arch 37.
Dam of two offspring that linear appraised EX90

Dams Dam

Jowanda's Syndal Ann

DOB:  4/2/10

Pictured as a kid...

Sire:  Jowanda's Quinlan
    SS: *B Kastdemur's Hasta La Vista
    SD:  Jowanda's Quimby

Dam:  Jowanda's Quimby
    DS:  Little-Bic's Bonanza
    DD:  Jowanda's Tyra

Designer Genes is out of our strongest dam line. Quimby had a beautiful udder, both fore and rear. A long extended fore udder and a high wide rear. She was also an excellent milker. Shown twice as a yearling milker she was 2nd both times. Her sire's littermate brother is Little-Bic's Zoe whose daughters average appraisal score is 86.2. Bonanza had two lovely sisters, CH Little Bic's Xena, 2nd place yearling milker at the 1999 National Show. The following year she was 3 x GCH, 2 X RGCH and one time Best Doe in Show. She finished as a 2 year old! The second one was Little-Bic's Lady In Red who earned 2 CH legs. Mastitis ended her show career.

Quimby's dam Jowanda's Tyra was undefeated as a kid. In 1999 she was 1st place yearling with 1st udder, Ventura County Fair, and 2nd place yearling milker at the Orange County Fair. In 2000 she was shown at Los Angeles County Fair in the 2 year old class and placed 2nd in a class of 21. She was never out of the ribbons. Her sire, Old *Glory Black Eagle was shown twice and went Jr. CH. both times. In 1998 his daughters took 1st place Jr. Get of Sire. His daughter Ee-Chee Bon's Angel went Res. Jr. CH at Los Angeles County Fair as well. He sired CH Ridgetop Cream Puff and Jowanda's Applesauce, two excellent show does.

Dam & Sires Dam


Jowanda's Quimby as a 6 year old

Dams Dam

Jowanda's Tyra

Mojave-Dunes Eclipse's Grady
DOB:  2/26/2012

Pictured here as a 2 year old...

Sire:  Amberwood Galileo's Eclipse
   SS:  J2K Capraio Giovanni's Galileo
   SD:  Rose Valley's Holly Go Lightly

Dam:  Jowanda's Tambra
    DS:  Withrow's Legal Tender
    DD:  Jowanda's Lucanne

Dam:  Jowanda's Tambra

A Mammary System like this is Hard to Find


Amberwood Galileo's Eclipse

Sires Littermate Sister


Amberwood Galileo's Glimmer

Glimmer took second place in rings 1 and 2 at the LVDGA show on June 4, 2011 under judges Lynn Flemming and Chuck Pedersen. She took 1st place and RGCH in ring 3 under judge Bob Bartholomew

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